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Artistic jewelry/Cool iPhone cases

Lately I've been buying jewelry from Lucky Brand. I really love the different styles they offer mostly in semi-precious stones. I love wearing different style necklaces inwhich Lucky Brand offers. To purchase within a certain budget, I usualy buy them at an outlet store or at TJ Maxx & Marshalls were I see lots of veriaties.
I love to buy different iPhone cases esoecially from Kate Spade. I try not to buy too many cases since I was thinking about upgraded to an iPhone XR from an iPhone 8 Plus. Kate Spade has one of the most unique technology assesories in fashion. There's nothing wrong with having a fashionable smartphone.

Recent posts

New Purse from ModCloth

I really love my purse from Modcloth which is called "Scrapbook Ending".  I love the unique design being shaped like a nice artistic box. This is a nice purse to take when having a cafe date or a visit to the library for me. I also love to carry this purse when I go to small special occasions such as small concerts, shopping trips etc.

Christmas Shopping on ModCloth

As I was sitting at a local coffee shop this evening I realized that I need a new coat and a few dress items. I managed to buy a glamorous coat, two skirts and a lovely blouse. I love ModCloth because of all of the many styles. I’ve been shopping at ModCloth for about several months now and I encourage some of my friends to shop there online.

iPhone 8 Plus

I bought this iPhone 8 plus back in August which I love. It seems like everytime I buy something new, something else or something newer comes out like iPhone X, iPhone X plus, iPhone XR ect. Well I love what I have and it does what I need to be done as long as I make calls and have the highest gigabytes.

Aldo bag, Instax & a book

I love my green purse from Aldo which I purchased earlier this summer. I created my own fashion statement when I walk around taking Polaroid pictures. I love taking pictures and many things, maybe I should become a photographer, not sure. Also when I go out I make sure that I have something to read just in case I take a break from what I'm doing.

what to take on vacation

When I go on vacation I always have to brink my MacBook to keep up with things. I also love to bring books to read which also keeps me motivated because I never know when time away from home can be boring🤷🏽‍♀️

Converse Sneakers

I love my recently bought converse sneakers. They make me feel so free and great examples of street/laid back style. I haven't had a paid of converse in nearly 10 years. I bought the purple pair in honor of one of my favorite singers Prince.